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Nigro Group is a privately held consulting corporation founded in 2002, with a hand-selected global team of individuals dedicated to providing governments and private businesses.

At Nigro Group we take the long view - we earn money by earning the trust of our clients with transparency and uncompromising quality in both products and services.

Our core business value is trust. We believe in a higher standard of doing business, practicing transparency, dependability, and honesty in every aspect of our work - from the value we provide to our clients to the companies we choose to partner with.

Global Network

Nigro Group operates in strategic cities around the world, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Montevideo and Sacramento. 

We have strong ties with the Scandinavian countries, Latin America and the UAE on both private sector and Government levels

Our team have a high cultural intelligence and can be reached in these languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Arabic.

Nigro Group serves a wide variety of clients in a range of industries from global entertainment and world famous hospitality brands to the financial and government sector.

Mission & Vision

At Nigro Group we believe the companies we choose to partner with are a reflection of ourselves. We only engage with organisations and brands that share our core values and set the highest standard for quality in every aspect of their business.

We serve our clients at every level in various capacities, from advising to management to hands-on coaching, by combining our knowledge and expertise with our strengths in strategy, organization and operations. For every engagement we assemble a team with the most appropriate cultural background and specific industry competencies to facilitate the most effective process and ensure the recommendation is tailored to each client and their needs.


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Abu Dhabi

Nigro Group LLC
Corniche Street,
Rak Bank Building
PO BOX 3387 Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


Nigro Group INC
Sacramento Office
One Capitol Mall, Suite 670
Sacramento, CA 95814


Nigro Group Ltd
Montevideo Office
Leal De Ibarra
Montevideo, 12800